Aesthetic and holistic provision

The patient wanted an aesthetic reconstruction of both upper and lower teeth as well as the removal of all root-treated teeth. In addition to this the patient had spinal problems and due to nocturnal teeth grinding and resulting systematic subsidence of occlusion . A step by step plan was drawn up and the root-treated teeth were removed, bone resoption compensated, implants set and after the healing phase was complete full ceramic crowns were fitted.

The front teeth were fitted with full ceramic crowns and veneers. All material was initially tested for compatibility. Due to an existing CMD the optimal chewing level had to be taken into account. 




Aussgangssituation der Oberkieferfrontzähne vor der Behandlung

Initial siuation




Fall: Verschönerung der Oberkiefer-Frontzähne

End result

Replacement of one tooth

After the extraction of a root-treated and problematic tooth the jaw tissue was cleansed of all residual infection and supplemented with antibiotic-impregnated substitute bone tissue. After a 3 month healing period a single zirconium implant was set. 2 months later a full ceramic crown was fitted.


web ok zirkonimplantat 22 neu

After tooth extraction and implantation


web mila krone 22

End result

Replacement of all teeth & “Teeth in one hour”

The patient had a partial denture secured on 3 non-viable natural teeth. The patient wanted a fixed denture with zirconium implants and a fully ceramic bridge. After carrying out 3D-computer planning the remaining teeth were extracted and 6 zirconium implants were fitted into the bone tissue. The long-term temporary denture was fitted as soon as the implants were in place.



 Ausgangssituation mit Teilprothese

Initial situation with partial denture






Endergebnis nach 2 Stunden

End result after two hours




Aesthetic improvement through Veneers

The patient wanted attractive, uniform front teeth with as little tooth loss as possible. During just one session the four top incisors were fitted with veneers after careful, minimal invasive preparation was carried out in one session.



Frontzahn-Vollkeramikkronen vorher






Frontzahn-Uwe nachher