Zahn Organ Beziehung

Tooth/organ relationship

Dental Techniques, focus

Various observations in the field of „Erfahrungsheilkunde“-  biological totality in treatment – have pointed to an unusually high incidence of corresponding illnesses where fields of interference were present and vice versa (see chart). This shows the interrelation of individual teeth with corresponding organs/systems. The terms used originate from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and not to be understood in a classic medical sense. This knowledge is significant for seeking out possible reasons for chronic disease. In the field of holistic medicine the importance of the interaction of general medicine and dental medicine become obvious.

To provide understanding I would like to show a common example from practice. A 53 year old patient is treated with antibiotics over atwo year period for a recurrent urinary tract infection. After no signs of improvement are apparent, the patient decides to try an alternative method of treatment. After Applied Kinesology tests are made a focus of interference is detected in the upper incisor on the left hand side. The connections between incisor teeth and the urogenital system can be seen in the chart. The tooth had been root treated some years previously and shows no symptoms. The x-ray image shows only a very slightly lighter lightening at the root apex. Through neural-therapeutic infiltration of the tooth temporary allevition was achieved. The patient finally decided to have the tooth in question extacted. After a subsequent colon cleansing with anti-fungal treatment and a build-up of intestinal flora the negative syptoms disappeared (observation period of 5 years). The gap was filled with a zirconium implant and a full ceramic crown.