Diagnosis of a cranio mandibular dysfunction/CMD

Mandible Joint Dysfunction
  • The examination of the mandibular joints can be carried out manually as well as with imaging processes in order to register all jaw movements meticulously. The result is then evaluated using a specialist computer program and provides the basis for the subsequent therapy.
  • After carrying out this comprehensive evaluation the relevant diagnosis can be made and an appropriate individual therapy can begin. Complementary measures such as teleradiography and MRT can also be implemented.
  • Applied Kinesiology is used to safely establish whether a CMD exists and which effects it has on the human organism as a whole. Pelvic obliquity or differences in leg length are common occurances as well as recurrring ENT infections (sinusitis) resulting from an impaired lymphatic drain. The complexity of the various networks of nerves also affect the psyche. It is important therefore to view and examine each human being as an entity and not merely a sum of parts.