Ozone therapy

Dental Techniques, focus
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Ozone is a triple-atom oxygene molecule, with germ-killing and disinfectant properties. The colourless gas is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungus and thus has a similar effect as antibiotics, but without the adverse consequences on intestinal flora. 

Fields of application for ozone therapy within dentistry:

  • Caries therapy
  • Gum disease
  • Root treatment
  • Jaw bone inflammation/ostitis, osteomyelitis

In the case of caries treatment ozone therapy should be implemented at the stage when the tooth in question is infected. Thanks to ozone it is possible to attain asepsis particularly in the case of fissure caries (the initial stage, usually only visible with a microscope) and then remineralise the weakened dental enamel.

Gingival sulci othwise known as tooth pockets can be treated with ozone, thus reducing the bacteria without implementing antibiotics. This is a particularily gentle alternative for patients suffering from chronic inflammotory bowel disease, skin disease and allergies.

Felds of application in our practice:

  • Disinfection of the individual canaliculi during root treatment in combination with depotphorese
  • Disinfection of the preidontal area after extraction of root treated teeth
  • Intra operative disinfection in case of ostitis/ Vorliegen einer Kieferostitis/osteomyelitis
  • Disinfection of periodontitis