Heavy metal detoxification

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Here you can find out about diagnostic and therapy methods used for detoxification of heavy metals. For more general information about heavy metal contamination see „amalgam

As far as diagnosis is concerned we can detect the amount of suspected heavy metal traces within the organism by carrying out blood, urine and saliva tests. In addition to this a successful biological test is carried out, namely Applied Kinesiology/AK. AK can target the existence and level of severity of heavy metals. It can also be ascertained which organs will be affected over the long term. Tests on minerals, vitamins and fatty acids and diverting substances can be carried out as well as administration of supportive homeopathic/phytotherapeutc medicine. This ensures the best form of detoxification for you as a patient.

If traces of heavy metal poisoning are detected then a purely energy-efficient detoxification is inexpedient. The root of the problem is primarily is on the material/physical level. The destructive agent must be removed from the body as quickly and carefully as possible. Special care must be taken to avoid damage to the excretory organs liver, kidneys, lung and skin. Bio-resonance and homeopathic therapies are unsuited for detoxification purposes. Algae must have certification and be individually tested using AK as they are very often contaminated with heavy metal deposits.

Depending on the test results and individual needs therapeutic preparations such as DMPS, DMSA, coriander, zeolite, wild garlic, garlic, chlorella/spirulina as well as substitutes for selenium and other tested minerals, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and fatty acids are implemented. The excretory organs such as kidneys and liver are assisted in their function using homeopathic/phythotherapeutic remedies. Plenty of fluids, ideally water, should be consumed to assist the secretion. Lots of fresh air and outdoor activity as well as visits to the sauna/steam baths are recommended.


We carry out Amalgam decontamination  using a rubber dam, a rubber split sheet which prevents the mercury vapour from escaping during drilling. As a further safety precaution for both patient and surgeon facial masks are donned to absorb any arising mercury vapour. The use of a special carbide removal drill is a given. DMPS/DMSA capsules are ingested before each appointment. After each drilling a sodium thiosulfate mouthwash is used (10-20 ml, 10%ig), followed by ample drinks of water. Following the extrcaction of a chronically contaminated tooth and roots, the heavy metal depot and the destroyed bone tissue has to be drilled. To allow the wound to heal without germs infiltrating, a strip of gauze seeped in unguent is inserted and left in the wound for a fortnight. Mercury only leaves a storage organ very slowly, unless removed. Half of it is gone from the brain after 20 years, it takes 80 years to leave the jaw bones. Only DMPS can speed up the secretion twentyfold. Zinc helps to slough off the non-deposited poison. Homeopathic methods and bio-resonance have no effect on the level of contamination, and are thoroughly unsuited for the purpose of heavy metal detoxification.