“Teeth in one hour”


If there is sufficient bone tissue from the outset then the tooth replacement can be produced before the implantation and carried out and the whole procedure can be completed in one session.

The term “teeth in one hour” became a buzz phrase heralding a new era in implantology which began in 2006. This means a huge improvement in life quality: each patient is fitted with a temporary crown/denture allowing a return to normal daily life during the healing period. Prior to this it was not possible and the patient had to wait for the completion of the healing process before being fitted with a crown/denture.

The optimal position for the implant is established prior to beginning the treatment using special 3D computer-aided planning. After the data is calculated a customised template is made. This enables the dental practioner to fit the implant in a minimally invasive way with as little distress as possible and without resorting to using the scalpel. Depending on the initial situation a temporary or permanent dental prosthesis can be fitted. Dental hygiene can be carried out as usual.

After approx. 2 months the definitive impression cast is taken for the final full ceramic replacement.

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