The zirconium implant


You want to minimize the potential risk of a titanium incompatibility in order to avoid subsequent implant loss? You are an allergy sufferer/have auto-immune illness? You dislike the idea of having metal within your body which could potentially transfer and intensify electrical currents? You prefer the colour white? Then a zirconium implant is the right choice for you.

A tooth implant adopts the function of the dental root. The implant is embedded directly into the jaw bone with a slight projection from the gum onto which the crown is subsequently fitted. Therefore an implant is a fully adequate tooth replacement – superior to a dental bridge – here the neighbouring teeth have to be ground down, thus ruining valuable dental tissue.

An implant is a tooth substitute which is as close to the natural original as possible. This is achieved by the use of a „screw“ fitted into the jaw bone tissue and onto which the crown is then fitted.

Since 1991 we have been practising implantology on the highest possible quality level tailored to suit to each individual patient. The original technique involved the use of various titanium implant systems and gradually the emphasis has shifted to ceramic implant systems. We now can look back on many successful years with increasing experience. The 3D computer planning is carried out irrespective of which material is chosen for the implant.

The zirconium implant consists of pure ceramic as opposed to the titanium implant which is 100% metal. Here is a short overview of the differences between the implants on offer:

Material      Components         Resilience        Colour            Compatibility         Effects on electrical currents

Titanium             Metal                  high                    black          good                        Metal conduction

Zirconium          ceramic               high-very high         white                very  good                    no conduction

Whilst metal implants are an eyesore from an aesthetic point of view, a zirconium implant is naturally translucent and free from metal. The ceramic material in question is zirconium oxide – reviewed and approved and well tolerated by patients. The material passed all bio-compatability tests and is three times as pliable as titanium. It is tried and tested and fulfils all the German and European guidlines. For the past twenty years zirconium has been the material of choice in hip joint replacement operations.

Advantages of zirconium implants:

  • highly durable 100% zirconium oxide ceramic, more resilient than titanium
  • metal free with optimal compatability, ideal for patients with allergies
  • radiant white for perfect aesthetics
  • excellent gum regeneration
  • metal-free therefore no conduction of electrical currents in head area

If your bone volume becomes reduced with the passage of time making an implant non-viable – get in touch with us to discuss possible options for solutions to restore optimal chewing ability