zahn implantat ganzheitlich

The implant from a holistic perspective

Dental Techniques, Environmental Dentistry, focus, Implantology

Tooth implants assure a natural reconstruction of the original state: a stable fixture within the bone tissue to ensure a functional and firm occlusion, prerequisites for optimal oral hygiene and natural aesthetics. In order to meet these requirements we also provide the following:

Prior to implant insertion – testing for dormant residual infection in the jaw bone (ostitis/osteomyelitis) which often remains undetected in x-rays.
Such remaining germs must be surgically removed before the implant is fitted in order to ensure optimal implant fixture, otherwise the implant could loosen or detach itself.

  • Evaluation of existing bone tissue.
  • This is crucial for deciding if an implant is possible and if so which type. If the bone tissue is insufficient, it is possible to carry out bone augumentation, either on an in-patient or out-patient basis. For immunological reasons we only use own-bone material or cleansed donor bone material (with or without  antibiotic impregnation) in such cases.
  •  Choice of implant material.
  • the choice between using titanium or zirconium as the material for the implant is dependent on the basic constitution of the patient (e.g. the presence of allergies) and local circumstances.

Before the implant is set an exact prosthetic plan is required and carried out in close cooperation with our technical lab. 3D computer tomography combined with special
3D planning renders the whole implantation process as minimally traumatic as possible.

Only with the inclusion of the aforementioned factors is it possible to meet the high standards we set ouselves in the interest of our patients . To these ends special methods of examination are at our disposal, namely from the fields of environmental dentistry.