Self test of mandibular joint

focus, Mandible Joint Dysfunction

Do you suffer from chronic muscle tenseness in the neck/shoulder area? You assume it is linked to your posture? Would you like to know more about the  correlations within your body?

Stand in a relaxed position in front of a mirror and then answer the the following questions with yes or no:

  •  My lower jaw opens and closes evenly with the upper jaw (as points of reference observe the middle line between the incisors of the upper and lower jaws)
  •  if I open my mouth wide I can hear it/feel it
  •  If I open my mouth wide, I can fit 3 fingers held sideways
  •  My upper and lower teeth do not have even contact when I bite down on them
  •  Some teeth are worn down on the cutting edge.
  •  I grind my teeth at night
  •  I have a diagnosed misaligned teeth and or gaps in my teeth
  •  I suffer from muscle tension in the neck, back, headaches, migraine, ringing in the ears /tinnitus, dizziness, chronic sinusitis

If several questions apply then it is very probable and you should be examined by a specialist for cranio mandibular dysfunction (CMD).