Focus/field of interference/inter-relations

Dental Techniques, focus, Mandible Osteitis
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A focus or field of interference is a circumscribed tissue structure which can have negative effects on the organism as a whole. The origin of the focus of interference is generally in a different part of the body than would otherwise be assumed.

In a nutshell, a focus or field of interference is a circumscribed tissue structure in the body which has a negative effect on the whole organism. The source of the focus is usually to be found at a different part of the body than where the syptoms present. The field of interference can be seen as a trouble maker within the body which remains dormant and thus shows no syptoms. However the regulation system is stressed by this and often a minor irritation (change of weather, draught, dampness, cold, lack of sleep) is enough to trigger things off. A field of interference is not an illness as such but makes the body more susceptible and can be the basis of the development of chronic disease.

The following areas are potential fields of interference:

  • root-treated teeth
  • impacted wisdom teeth
  • broken residual roots within jaw tissue
  • residual  amalgam splinters
  • jaw bone around the root apex of previously extracted root treated teeth (residual ostitis)
  • tonsils, when chronic infection  is prevalent
  • post-operative scars /previous wounds, time of infliction irrelevant
  • infection of nasal cavity/ chronic sinusitis (especially in the case of allergy sufferers)
  • navel  (as the first human scar)
  • intestine
  • piercing scars, ear piercing holes

The possible effects of focus/fields of interference on disease related events can be impressively visualized by Applied Kinesology. The diagnosis can be confirmed by a neuro- therapeutic course of treatment – a previously tested local anaesthetic is injected into the suspected area of interference. This temporary deactivation should produce an immediate mesurable change in the area.

The therapy encompasses the elimination or sanitation of the identified field of interference.

To illustrate this a case in practice: a 47 year old patient suffers from repeated bouts of sinusitis. The Applied Kinesiologyexamination brings a field of interference in scar tissue in the left hand palatal bow, consequent to a tonsillectomy, performed many years before. After a course of neurotherapy (the scar was injected with local anaesthetic) the focus was neutralised and the patient has been symptom-free ever since.