Gum disease I Parodontitis

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Parodontitis is a disease which befalls the complete periodontal apparatus. The point of origin is gingivitis, or gum inflammation. In its entirity this disease is known as paradontosis.

Parodontosis is the most common form of disease aside from type 2 diabetes. More than 2 from 3 people suffer from this disease. The effects paradontosis has on general illnesses is proven by numerous clinical studies. These include stoke, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, lung disease and an increased risk of premature birth. Aside from the purely conventional medicine diagnosis approach a complementary take is necessary.

When pathological germs get hold in the oral cavity, this leads to a general weakening of the immune system, intolerance of dental material and fillings and to a shift in germ structure. 80% of our immune system is situated in the intestine. Changes to the composition of intestinal germs also lead to a change in the structure of the germs in the oral cavity. If these interfering factors are not eliminated and the intestinal flora and immune system are not reconstructed, then paradontosis cannot be healed. Isolated cases of gum recession can be an indicator of occlusion problems and therefore represents a purely mechanical dysfunction of the jaws.

The holistic diagnosis of gum disease available at this practice includes:

Anamnesis (medical history) with intra-oral assessment
X-ray diagnosis
Determination of tendency to inflammation through blood
Elimination of material intolerance for material used within the oral cavity
Bacteria and fungus tests
Analysis of environmental pollutant
Testing of applicable vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are to be substituted.

The holistic therapy method for gum disease consists of:

Professional dental cleansing, including removal of dental calculus
Micro surgical cleansing of dental pockets and regenerative treatment
Replacement of damaging dental material with compatible material
Substitution of lacking minerals, vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and fatty acids
Cleansing of the natural itestine milieu
Test for optimal occlusion