White teeth through bleaching

Cosmetic Dentistry, focus

With the passage of time and due to the consumption of various foods, drinks and tobacco human teeth start to become discoloured. The surface of the teeth appears dull, mottled and takes on a yellowish-brown hue. Bleaching methods help to eliminate this hue by using oxidising techniques.

Power-Bleaching, also known as „In-Office-Bleaching“, is applied in this practice by activating UV light. The treatment takes about an hour. The full dentition or individual teeth can be lightened on the spot.

Specialist diligence when carrying out bleaching is paramount to ensure quality and durability of the whitening. The difference between rapid-bleaching is the compilation of all colour pigments with thorough decolourisation. The effect of such treatment lasts for 2-3 years, or even longer with fastidious dental hygiene. As part of the follow-up treatment patients receive customised bleaching trays including bleaching gel, also known as Home Bleaching